​   For booking, reservations, and payment options, see below.
   Images of the double room in the Viva Venezia Guest House:


Images of the twin or triple room in the Viva Venezia Guest House:

    The Viva Venezia sitting room, free computer, kitchen, washing machine, and dining area:

     Viva Venezia Guest House bathroom and kitchen:

  Viva Venezia Guest House front entrance and view from the street, the Lista Vecchia de Bari:

 Booking and Reservations

       To make a reservation on-line, you may use any on-line booking 
       service, including the following websites: 

                                          hostelworld.com       airbnb         booking.com

        Guests are encouraged to make reservations online, but you can also call Viva Venezia to see 
        if there are rooms and beds free. Viva Venezia may have rooms available for people without
        reservations.  Even if it looks like Viva Venezia is fully booked on a website, there still may be
        a room available.  


        Payment is requested in cash at the time of arrival.  With permission, guests may pay through 
        Paypal.  If you need assistance, please contact the Viva Venezia staff by phone or email.

   Paypal Option

        Enter the amount of
        payment here: 


Rooms and Reservations

Viva Venezia  GUEST HOUSE
   Santa Croce, 1149
  Venice 30135 Italy
  Phone:  +39 345 409 5533
  E-mail:  Info@vivavenezia.com